International Workshops on Nonmonotonic Reasoning

Scope of the NMR Workshops

Welcome to the International Workshops on Nonmonotonic Reasoning (NMR) website. The NMR workshops aim to bring together active researchers interested in the area of nonmonotonic, defeasible and default reasoning within the field of knowledge representation and reasoning (KR), including in particular belief revision, uncertain reasoning, reasoning about actions, planning, logic programming, preferences, argumentation, causality, and many other related topics. Also works on systems and applications are highly appreciated. The NMR workshops are usually co-located with KR conferences (kr.org).

Steering Committee

During NMR2000, the organizers of most recent NMR workshops and members of NMR communities in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia established the NMR Steering Committee. The goal of the Steering Committee is to oversee the organization of the future workshops and serve as an interface to other communities AI communities.

The current members of the Steering Committee are:


The 21st International Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, NMR 2023 (September 2-4, 2023), will be co-located with KR 2023 in Rhodes, Greece.

The first NMR meeting was organized by John McCarthy, held at Stanford University in 1978, and reported on in a special issue of the journal Artificial Intelligence (v. 13, 1980). The first international NMR workshop was held at Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, New York in June, 1984, organized by Ray Reiter and Bonnie Webber.

The full list of NMR workshops is: